Lecture title

Catch-up Cycles and Changes in the Industry Leadership: Windows of opportunity and responses in the evolution of sectoral systems

7-8 December 2016

Prof. Keun Lee

A Professor of Economics at the Seoul National University, and the founding director of the Center for Economic Catch-up. He has been awarded the 2014 Schumpeter Prize for his monograph on Schumpeterian Analysis of Economic Catch-up by the International Schumpeter Society. He is also the President-Elect of this Society. He is currently a member of the Committee for Development Policy of UN, a co-editor of Research Policy, a member of the governing board of Globelics, and had also served as the President of the Asia-Pacific Innovation Network. He had taught or was a visiting scholar at the University of California at Davis, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Hitotsubashi University in Japan, Hannover University in Germany, and Punjabi University in India.

Lecture topics

  • What is catch-up?
  • Our Theory: Industry Catch-Up Cycle
  • Why More than 2 times Changes in industry leadership?
  • Criticism of Existing Theories
  • A Neo-Schumpeterian Theory
  • Initial idea
  • Crystal cycles and Late Entries during Downturns
  • Downturns in business cycles = small window of opportunity
  • Our Theory: Industry Catch-Up Cycle
  • Secrets of Catch-up Cycles
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