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Best Dissertation

7th Selection of the Top Thesis in Policy and Management of Technology and Innovation In Master’s and doctoral degrees.

With the support of the Presidential Institute for Technology Studies

Top Thesis Information Form 2021

Deadline for submitting proposals: November 6th, 2021

Send documents to the Email Below:

All graduates of Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Technology Management and Science and Technology Policy can be nominated for the best dissertation. All graduates whose dissertation defense date is from September 2018 to September 2021,  can participate in the 7th selection of the best dissertation.

Required Documents:

  • -Completion of the application form (Available on the Conference Website)
  • -Provide a full copy of the dissertation PDF file
  • -Presenting the file of scientific and research article(s) extracted from the dissertation that has been published in reputable journals or has received definite acceptance.
  • -Applicant photo file
  • -Dissertation defense certificate (containing professors’ signatures)
  • -Winners of previous rounds will not be able to participate in the same round

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